Welcome to International Traditional Games Society!

Founded in 1997 by Tribal College Presidents and Cultural Directors from Montana and Southern Alberta Canada, we are dedicated to the recovery, restoration and re-introduction of Native American Indian Games.


We believe our efforts to revive and reenact traditional games give power to the life-affirming expression of “What Holds Us Together,” as we honor the unique cultural expressions of different tribes, including language, movement, and skills for shared survival.


Through workshops, special events and instructor certification, we stand committed to the preservation of this core element of the first people's culture and traditions.

    What we do...

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    International Traditional Games Society
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    International Traditional Games Society
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    International Traditional Games Society
    International Traditional Games Society
    Upcoming Events


    Indigenous Celebration: Gathering of Families
    Friday, May 20, 2022
    Great Falls, MT at MT ExpoPark
    See Special Events tab for more details.

    Summer Games Clinics
    June 14-16, 2022
    Great Falls, MT

    at Paris Gibson Education Center (2400 Central Ave)

    Horse Culture Clinic
    Level 1 and Level 2
    TENTATIVELY in October 2022

    Check back for more details.

    We can come to your location!
    Please email us at
    for more information.

    "Native Games of Montana Tribes"
    The portable flipbook for teaching and playing the games
    Download 2021 Horse Clinic agenda