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International Traditional Games Society
 “This beautiful and informative teaching tool helps teachers to easily share cultural knowledge and rules of the traditional games with their students."~ Mary Beth Little Mustache
Instructor and Board Member
ATTENTION:  Classroom teachers, tribal program leaders, parks employees, museum presenters, community event coordinators, families, and librarians
 Introducing "Native Games of Montana Tribes" - a new teaching tool from International Traditional Games Society!

International Traditional Games Society (ITGS) has been dedicated to the recovery and preservation of traditional native games since 1991.  We listen carefully to the input and ideas of our Certified Instructors and participants in our programs.   They wanted a teaching tool that was small, sturdy, informative and easy to use in either indoor or outdoor settings.  We listened and are pleased to offer these new flipbooks.


These flip books are designed to be used often and just about anywhere!


  • Compact size so can be easily carried.  7" x 5"


  • Constructed of sturdy paper stock that is coated in plastic so the booklets can be used outdoors.


  • Spiral bound so they can easily lay flat on a clip board


  • Bibiliography for references


  • Affordable Retail:

5-9 books = $12 each + shipping or $16 CAD + shipping/book


  • Wholesale volume discount:

10-19 books = $10 each + shipping to be determined by US or Canadian postal service

20+ books = $8 each + shipping to be determined by US or Candadian postal service


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