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The “Gathering of Families” project/event came from our own research with Native youth and their families from 2018 – 2020, where they expressed a desire to see culturally relevant activities for themselves and their families on and off the tribal lands.  It expanded to include all people because of the positive past visitor responses to Native events hosted by us and our partners. There is a need in our communities, to elevate Indigenous voices, inspire future leaders, carry on the cultural knowledge to bring together a community of all backgrounds through these events.

The Gathering of Families will highlight and celebrate Montana's Native American culture, while bring together members of all tribes together for family fun, cultural events, and more.

ITGS is a Montana non-profit organization that has been recovering traditional culture and games that supported families in pre-contact times. Our events have been held across the northwest U.S. and Canada for the last 32 years. 



Official Gathering of Families Website:


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