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International Traditional Games Society
Become a "traditional games" certified instructor! 

Individuals wishing to teach traditional games must complete our certification process. There are three levels of certification, each requiring the previous level completion. After all three are completed, participants may teach traditional games as part of Montana's "Indian Education for All" curriculum for Grades K-12. 


Certification for teaching traditional Native games include:


  •  The recommended procedures for recovering and restoring traditional games, including learning about each game's cultural significance and making the handcrafted game pieces to each game

  • Connections with advisors, teachers, and coaches who use the games as tools to educate modern youth and adults

  • Certification and permission to teach the many tribal games that have come into the traditional games' blanket with permission for all people to play

  • Knowledge that will enhance goals for: healthy lifestyles, family fun and humor, increased connections with values of the past, developing social skills, and building spiritual connections                                                      



2022 Summer Clinic.png

Upcoming Clinics:
June 14-16, 2022
Great Falls, MT

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Past Clinics:
Aug 2-4, 2021: Level I, II, III, IV Certification Clinic
Clinic will be held at
Paris Gibson Education Center in Great Falls, MT
(2400 Central Ave)

If you have questions, please contact DeeAnna Leader at (406)360-1936
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Gathering of Families

May 20, 2022


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Tournament prices listed above are per team. Horse culture demonstrations will be $25/person or $100/school. **Schools may bring students to observe the days activities for $100/school. Please see "Special Events" tab.

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