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 “The games teach culture in a safe way. They are the historical basis of modern healing.”  
~ Carol Serrette, First Nations- Alberta, Canada
Bringing back the games is a multinational, multicultural and multigenerational gift to all who play when the blanket is opened.

International Traditional Games Society started its research and recovery of native games 25 years ago.

Its longest members are now recovering games in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and across North America, with the greatest experiences in Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota.


We are dedicated to identifying and cataloging pre-contact era traditional games because each time a new one is found, it brings knowledge about cultural values or purposes for survival skills, community customs, and way of life, as well as the nature of place and seasonal habits. Often, our members have been involved in discussions with archeologists who have never been exposed to the rich history of games in the Americas.

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